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CS-Cheats is website created for the counter strike gamers. We propose a big free bank of cheats, daily updated !

You will find free cheats for Counter Strike 1.6 but too for Counter Strike Source.

Why free cheats ? Because we think Internet is, above all, a means of share for all.
We take part in it by proposing free cheats to you, free download, contrary to others websites.

Grâce à CS-Cheats, à vous les scores de PGM !

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Cheat's description
1. Double click the NXGCSS loader
2. Select a server to join and click connect
3. Hit INSERT to bring up the menu
4. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu.
5. Have fun!
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Wallhack, nosmoke, ESP, FullBright, VisualBullet, Noflash, HS Helper, SpeedHack, Sv_cheats bypass.
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Wallhack pour CSS indétecté à vie. Lisez attentivement le Readme.txt pour l'utilisation.
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WallHack, No Flash/No smoke/No sky, Lambert, Night Mode/Day Mode, Crosshair.
Ne pas oublier de lire le fichier readme.txt qui explique comment lancer et utiliser ce cheat ! Counter Strike doit être en mode OpenGl !
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Crosshair, FullBright, Info Box, XQZ Wallhack, Remove Smoke, etc.
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CS-Cheats declines any responsibility in the event of problem which has occurred with a proposed cheat.
The bank of cheats free proposed on this page is updated very regularly: cheats for Counter Strike 1.6 but also for Counter Strike Source! You will find all the types of cheat : aimbot, speedhack, wallhack, esp, and still well others !
We propose also tips to cheat well without be detected.


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Cs-Cheats is a site intended for the Counter Strike players.
We propose here a bank of free cheats filled well and updated continuously.
Cheats for Counter Strike 1.6 but also for Counter Strike Source !
You will find all the types of cheat: aimbot, speedhack, wallhack, esp, and still well of others in the heading remote dowloadings of cheats
We propose to you also councils and easy ways to good cheat without being made spotted.